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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: RECORD KEEPING

General Information


Here are the records kept in Nancy's office as of June 2017:



I keep paper ads about what we are ordering for 1 year in my desk files.

I keep paper financial statements from publishers & companies we do business with for the current fiscal year in my desk files.

I keep paper copies of my annual reports for Collection Services Dept. for a few years on the book shelf in my office.

keep a paper copy of the current year of collection statistics that Kathy and I keep each month in my file cabinet (title count/volume count, etc.). 

I keep a few years of paper accounting statements from OCLC in my desk files.

I have paper files for all of our databases in my desk files.

I have Hein shipping lists for a few years only for the microfiche sets that we buy from them in my desk files.

I have some Voyager reports that Kathy generated.  She has a fuller set in her office files.

I have paper copies of some correspondence with publishers and vendors in my desk files.

I have paper copies for a few years of the ABA, MALLCO, etc. reports in my desk drawer.


I keep on my computer emails of orders, gift lists, correspondence with publishers, invoices problems, return items, credits needed, decisions about canceling standing orders, electronic database orders, projects completed and in process, ABA,MALLCO and other reports filled out for Lee, email journals sent to my attention, claims to vendors, faculty requests, etc.  on my computer .


800 N. Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405.208.5271