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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: RETURNING MATERIAL

General Information

There are times that we have to return volumes to publishers & vendors.  Nancy takes care of this..  Nancy usually emails the pub/vendor explaining why we are returning the item. If the return is not our fault then she asks the pub/vendor to pay for the return [either by UPS/FedEx pickup or sending a prepaid mailing label].  If the return is our fault then we pay for the return shipping.

 Nancy has prepaid return labels for these companies and we just make copies of them if we run out:






Voyager Acquisition

When we have to return a title or volume that has already been paid in Voyager Acquisitions system - it is necessary to create a invoice with a negative amount to get the money straightened out In Voyager. Even though the status of the title on the PO has been changed to return (by us manually once we know we will be returning something) it does not fix the expenditure that has already been paid. The funds get corrected only by creating this negative invoice. (strange but true).
Example: see PO 4587 done in Sept. 2005.


Nancy always keeps a copy of the invoice for anything returned.  Problems may occur down the line and it is good to have documentation [emails and invoices or packing slips] to remember why we didn't pay an invoice.

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