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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: ROUTING LIBRARY MATERIAL

Routing issues to faculty

As we check in the mail we will find notes in our check in records saying to route issues to faculty and/or librarians.  We can route anything that passes thru our department.  We receive notifications to route publications from the Director, Reference librarians and the Circulation Dept.  Occasionally a professor will contact us directly asking about this service.  All additions and deletions need to go through Nancy.  She maintains a excel list of what is routed and to whom.

Routing notes in monograph POs

We use this form in DELIVERY OPTIONS in the PO for routing or requestor information (THE LAST NAME BEING FIRST IS THE IMPORTANT PART).  Putting this information in DELIVERY OPTIONS allows for a pop up window to appear when receiving the book --





For Libraian routing you can use their first names

Lee, rt

Sabrina, office copy


Entering routing here and in this format is so we can do a meaningful report at the end of year by name.


Faculty routing list


AALS placement bulletin Peoples 1st
AALS placement bulletin Johnson, D.
AALS placement bulletin Roesler
AALS placement bulletin Spivack
Atlantic Monthly Lee
Briefcase (OK County Bar) c.2 Lee
Cardozo journal of law and gender Spivack
Columbia journal of gender and law Spivack
Columbia LR Spiropoulos
CQ weekly Spiropoulos
Current index to legal period Dillon
Delaware journal of corp law Dalley
Harpers Lee and Jennifer P.
Harvard business review Lee
Harvard business review Jennifer P
Harvard business review Dalley
Harvard environmental law review Roesler
Harvard LR Spiropoulos
Journal of Catholic legal studies Dalley
Journal Record Johnson, B.
Legal ethics Hellman
Legal Reference services quarterly all librarians
Michigan LR Spiropoulos
Moot Court casebook Eddington
New York Univ law review Spiropoulos
New York Univ review of law and social change Spivack
New Yorker Lee and Jennifer P.
OBAJ Gibson
OBAJ Spiropoulos
Stanford LR Spiropoulos
Tax law review Laity
Tax Notes Laity
Tax Notes Lyons
Texas LR Spiropoulos
University of Chicago law review Spiropoulos
Vanity Fair Lee
Virginia LR Spiropoulos
William and Mary journal of women and the law Spivack
Yale journal of law and feminism Spivack
Yale LJ Spiropoulos

Law review issues sent to faculty row

Once a week all American University law review issues that have been checked-in that week are taken up and put on a cart outside the mail room. We usually do this on Thursday.  The issues are put in alphabetical order and left there for one week.  All issues are put here even ones that have a faculty routing slip already attached to the issues such as Harvard, Yale, etc.   Faculty can write a note saying they want to have an issue routed to them once it comes off this display.  Once issues come off display any that should be routed are taken to the faculty mail box area and put in their mail box.

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