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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Claiming Missed Issues

Claims from Circulation Dept.


Circulation sends notes about needing missing pages from looseleaf volumes that they find when they are filing new releases.  Sometimes they request new binders, volumes or booklets as ours are damaged, etc.


--They have a slip they fill out which lists the publisher, title, call no., volume needing the pages, pages needed, date requested and by whom.  The slip comes to Tyler who handles all claims.


--He verifies that we still have an active standing order for the title.  If title is dead we will probably have to pay for the replacement whereas it will be free from our main publishers West, Lexis, CCH and BNA.  He consults with the director before claiming anything that may incur a cost.


--Usually items are claimed by email but for CCH and Hein Co. go to their websites and claim there.


--We keep the emails until the pages/items are received.  Sometimes the email are attached to the circ form and the material received.


Claims online

We do online claiming for these publishers


HEIN --    account number is 3450; password is oculaw9


We do claiming using email for these publishers

BNA --



General Information

Voyager Acq automatically put issues into a claim file when the date for an issue to be received has past or when a skipped issue happens.  Tyler is claiming material at least once a month.  To do this you go to Order Maintenance then Problems.  In Search By column drop down box I usually search by Date Marked.  Once the list of items to claim shows up you can go thru the list and pick ones to claim by choosing Generate Claim.  You can also decide not to claim by choosing Unmark.  At this point you can print the entire list and check the stacks to see if the material was received and just didn't get checked in for some reason or you can skip that print process.  Once you have worked through the list and have items to claim you to go to Voyager Access Reporter to print. Then fax, email or mail off the claims.

If you find things that you don't want to claim you need to go to the PO or to Serials maintenance and change the date to receive the material or it will show up in the next claim batch.  You can jump to the PO right from the claim screen.

For Yankee orders that end up in the claim batch I sometimes change the PO to "don't claim" since we set up a claim process with them.  They send paper reports to us about titles that have been on order for over a year.  Usually the item hasn't been published yet (NYP) or it's out of stock (OS) or backordered (BO).  We enter this information into the notes field in the PO for the title in question. Yankee automatically claims things for us.  Yankee orders are cancelled if not filled in one year.  If we want to reinstate our order with them then I send them an email saying so.  At this point we could also go see if the book is available on Amazon and order it there.

Once an item has been claimed it shows up in the ORDER INFORMATION field in OPAC bib records so everybody can know if something has been claimed.





Procedure to check to see if an issue has been received

1.  Go to Voyager Acq/Serials module, choose CHECK IN, then SERIALS HISTORY.  Search for your title and once found, double click on it to open the receipt history for that title.  

2.  Here you can see if the issue was received or not.


3.  When the item is received it will close out any claims.  You should go to ORDER MAINTENANCE and pick CLAIMS, then CLAIMS ISSUES or ITEMS to remove the claim completely from VACQ.

4.  If you receive information that the issue isn't published yet or won't be published at all, etc. then go to SERIALS MAINTENANCE and add a note that the issue is NYP and date it.  Also change the date that you expect the issue.

If they give an expected date, add that information here too.     


I sometimes go ahead and check-in an issue that was never published and add that information by the ck in information in SERIALS HISTORY, RECEIPT HISTORY, EDIT ISSUE.  Just so we know what happened.



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