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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: SPECIAL COLLECTION

Picture of old books


The location of books marked "SPECIAL COLLECTION" are now shelved at the end of the general collection as a group.  They still have spine stickers on them saying "SPECIAL COLLECTION" .

The item type for these books is "nocirc".

Most of these books do not have bar codes in the volumes. Prior to our move in Dec. 2014, we put most books in protective wrappers and some in boxes.  We have left these wrappers on the books which should protect them from dust and sun damage.

A project is needed to finish putting the books in protection wrappers and labeling the wrappers.

From Collection Development Policy Aug. 2012

Rare Books – Special Collection

Rare and antiquarian books will be selected according to relevant selection criteria governing the acquisition of other materials.  Reprints are preferred to rare or antiquarian editions.


Policy for adding to this collection

Criteria for inclusion into our Special Collection, revised April 2014

  1. 1870 and older will be kept in Special Collection
  2.  If pre-1900 material is in poor condition it may go to Special Collection
  3.  Pre and Post statehood Oklahoma material
  4.  Expensive [value over $200] and rare material
  5.  Native American material deemed rare and important
  6.  Books signed by important people:  famous authors,  historical figures, etc.

Books in 1700's

With help from Joe Luttrell at Meyer Boswell Rare Book Company these books from the 1700's were given an estimated dollar value in 2006:

 1.  Sheppard, William.  The Touchstone of common assurances, 6th ed.,

 rev. and corr, Dublin, John Exshaw, 1785. (1vol.)  In pretty good

 shape, hinges loose, clear tape over the leather spine.  Pages

 excellent. [$340.00] 

 2.  Burlamaqui, Jean Jacques. The Principles of natural and politic

 law, 3d ed., rev. and cor., London, Printed for C. Nourse, 1784. (2 

 vols.) In pretty good shape as leather covers are still on but covered

 with clear tape. Pages excellent. [$500] 

 3.  Kyd, Stewart.  A treatise on the law of bills of exchange and

promissory notes, 1st American from the 3d London ed. With

considerable additions, Boston, Printed by Manning & Loring for S. Hall, W.

Spotswood, J. White, Thomas & Andrews, D. West, E. Larkin, W.P. & L.

 Blake, and J. West, 1798 (1 vol.)

Spine and cover not attached to pages , pages falling loose from the

 spine, Pages excellent. [$250] 

 4.  Bacon, Matthew. A New abridgment of the law, 4th ed, corrected...,

 London, Printed by W. Strahan and M. Woodfall, Law-printers to his

 Majesty, for C. Bathurst, W. Strahan...(etc.), 1778. (5 vols., -- we

 lack v.3).  In fair condition, leather bindings worn, flaking off and

 some spines almost gone.  Pages good to excellent.

Probably really not of commercial value, because of the missing

volumes. [$100] 

 5.  Great Britain Court of King's Bench.  Reports of cases adjudged in

 the Court of King's Bench, since the time of Lord Mansfield's coming to

 preside in it by Sir James Burrow...Dublin, Printed by R. Moncrieffe,

 1784-85.  (5 vols. - we lack v.5).    Our set has been rebound many

 years ago with a cloth binding and is in excellent shape as our the

 pages. [$100 since rebound]


Sample of really old books

KD 295 B3 1778

K 457 B85 P9 1784

KD 200 1756 B8 A2 1784

KD 979 S45 1785

KD 1697 K9 1798

Valuing Special Collection books

A project was begun in 2006 to find an estimated value for the books in special collection.  We looked online using Amazon, AddAll and others to see if any of our books could be found with a sale price.  We found many prices but not all.  The prices were put in our bib records in the local notes field 946 in this format =

      Special Collection $a estimated value $5000


This project was repeated in 2013.  Some of the values have been added to our bib records but not all.  This project needs to be repeated periodically as the values of the books change over time.


 Many prices are just estimates.

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