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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: STATISTICS

End of year accounting

Towards the end of June each year it is important to check that expenditure amounts [as well as transfer of funds and deposits to accounts] match in these 3 places :

1.  Banner database - this is the official list of all funds given, transferred and expended in our library accounts.  This is maintained inhouse by admin assistant with the assistance of the OCU Accounting Office.  These are the figures we use in all of our reports to the ABA, MAALL, etc.

2.  Excel lists maintained by Nancy - she keeps lists by title for the 7121 and 7900 accounts.  She keeps a separate list for each FY and fills in expenditures as they happen.  New databases are added and cancelled/ceased ones deleted to keep the list current.  Periodically the Director asks for a current copy of these lists.

3.  Voyager Acquisitions module - All orders and payments are entered here for these library accounts: 7907 book account, 7908 serial orders account, 7900 database account and 7121 software maintenance.  There are a few membership payments entered in 7116 account but not all.  Any changes have to be made before the end date for the FY per ledger.  I usually set the ledger to expire somewhere between July 15-31 each year.

Monthly statistics

Monthly statistics from Collection Services staff are sent to Assist Director for Collection Services to compile for distribution to the Law Library Director.  The statistics we keep are counts of additions and withdrawals for all titles and volumes per format [books, microfiche, microfilm, DVD, VHS, CD-ROM, non-book items, etc.] We also keep track of how much cataloging has been done in the various electronic databases as this is an ongoing project since new ones are constantly being added. 

How to do monthly statistics


To figure volume count each month

1.      Use Item Count by Location & Type report provided by Kathy.

2.     Deduct study rooms, career services, equipment, course reserve, ILL, on order, suppressed to get an accurate count of total linked vols in library collection.

3.     Then deduct all AV, CD, and nonbook vols to get to accurate count of paper volumes.

4.     Add fiche and film vol equivalents to paper volume count to get accurate count of total vols in library collection


To figure title count each month

1.     Use Bib Count by Location and deduct Cancelled order, Career, Course Reserve, ILL, On order, purchase order, and suppressed to get an accurate count of total title count in the library collection.

2.     Use Monthly Microforms, Electronic and AV Materials Bib Count provided by Kathy to get counts for these categories and deduct fiche, film, AV, e titles and nonbook titles.

3.     Then deduct CD-rom titles found on bib count by location report.

4.     Final figure is total of paper titles.



1.    Total AV bibs – use the Monthly Microforms, Electronic and AV Materials Bib Count.  Add together Video bib count and Sound recordings bib count.  REMEMBER to add in om Kits from the Voyager Record Counts.  We actually count the vols/pieces periodically to accurate AV volume count.

2.    Total microfiche and microfilm vols – we hand  count all fiche/film received by piece.  Have to divide by 6 all fiche pieces.  Have to multiply by 5 all film reels.

3.   Total electronic titles/bibs – use Monthly Microforms, Electronic and AV Materials Bib Count. 

4.  Total cd rom bibs – use Voyager Record Counts.  Add together mm Software and ms Electronic (ser) to get this total.


Annual compilation of Statistics

At the end of each fiscal year statistics are compiled for our annual report.  The monthly statistics are totaled for a final tally and sent to the Law Library Director.  Those and other statistics that we gather are:

1.  Narrative about Tech Services stats, accomplishments, meetings and workshops attended, etc. (Nancy) 

2.  FY Stats for volume and title counts for all formats (Nancy keeps in personal excel sheet) 

3.  OCLC expenses (Nancy keeps in personal excel sheet) 

4.  Fund snapshot reports from Voyager compiled when fiscal yr rollover reports are run (Kathy)

5.  Office books and serials purchased with amounts per faculty requests (Kathy) Material ordered by "requestor" (Kathy runs "requestor list which includes -     requestor, title, location and call number and price spent). 

6.  Voyager reports to use in final FY statistics (Kathy)

     a. OCU 008 microform count by type

     b.  OCU 008 electronic records

     c.  Voyager record counts

     d.  Monthly microforms, electronic and av materials count

     e.  +OCU bibs by Pub decade no media – suppressed bibs not counted here

     f.  Item count by location and type

     g.  Bib count by location

7.  Collection growth in the different collections (report called “ocu item create date count by location”) (Kathy)

8.  Amount spent by LC call number (Kathy)

       a. +ocu acq by KF call no and fund id ; includes all fund accounts; includes number of

records/titles per call number.

       b. +OCU ACQ monos by call number and fund name; includes number of records/titles per call number 

9.  Issues checked in by person (+OCU issues received by date range- Kathy) 

10. Number of bib records created, edited, etc. by person (+OCU bib records updated by operator count – Kathy)

11. PO's created by person in Voyager Acq - ( +OCU ACQ Pos count created by operator- Kathy) 

12.  List of books/volumes missing during this fiscal year (report called OCU missing items) (Kathy) 

13.  +OCU ACQ amt spent by location (Kathy)

14.  Amount spent by fund with number of detail records (+OCU ACQ money spent by fund – Kathy)

15. Amount spent by vendor by fund (Kathy - +OCU ACQ amount spent per vendor and fund)

16.  Amount spent per vendor with no mention of fund names (Kathy - +OCU ACQ amount spent per vendor (from invoice) )

17.  OCLC usage statistics (Nancy gets off OCLC site) 

18.  Yankee prepaid account with invoices & amounts & balance (Nancy keeps on admin tab)

19.  Cancel list by title, vendor and amount saved (Nancy keeps in personal excel sheet)

20. Bindery volume count and amounts spent (Nancy keeps in personal excel sheet)  

Electronic titles statistics

This is what Kathy is using to get electronic bibs count --

    Form of item = s (electronic) or o (online) - - -  "s" is now obsolete and we have changed all of our records to "o" as of June 2015.

We are finding that coding in our Voyager electronic bibs are very inconsistent, see variances below :



-LEADER = “am” for monographs with no open date; “ai” for serial type and open dates for paper version. [not consistent =See bib 122253 for paper open date but coded “am”]


-008 FORM OF ITEM = “s” but some have NO coding at all; [see Voyager bib 266966: ccn00239486]

-008 date1/date 2 = Majority have date range but not all; [not consistent = see bib 122381 for paper single date but 008 has date range.] 




-LEADER = some coded as “am”, “as” or “ai”


-008 date1/date2 = some have single date; most have multiple dates


3.  CCH   --


-LEADER = coded as – “am” OR “as”.  Found no “ai”


-008 date1/date2 = all have multiple dates        


Statistics used in other reports

Our statistics are used in other reports as requested by the Law Library Director.  Other reports that we have helped compile are the ABA, MAALL, North Central reports, and US News & World Reports.

Excel list

Before we had any computers, we compiled a list of titles that we had on standing order so we could get figures for the ABA report.  This list is now in Nancy personal excel folder in the STATISTICS folder.         


  We are able to keep track of the following things for each title:


-bind or not


-status (paid, free or duplicate subscription)

-type (periodical, reporter, loose-leaf OR other)

-kind (see list below)

-notes (how many vols. in the set; format, etc.)



-bar (for bar association publication)



-D (for digest)


-direct (for directory)






-inst (for institute publication)

-J (for journals not law school publications)


-LL (for looseleaf)

-LS (for law school newsletters and/or magazines)

-N (for newspapers)

-News (for newsletters)


-S (for statutes)

-T (for treatises)

-U (for University law school law reviews)

-UF (for foreign Univ law school law reviews)

New standing orders are added to this list and cancellations & cessations are deleted.  

There is a separate excel list for electronic titles & databases and fiche & film sets.


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