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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Library Assistant duties

Library Assistant duties

General duties:

1 Check-in items received in the daily mail like newspapers, supplements, bound volumes and journal issues in the Voyager Acq system.  Affix labels, bar codes, spine labels, etc. as necessary.

2. Mark volumes/sets "NO LONGER BEING UPDATED" for ceased and canceled titles as identified by Nancy.

3. Find books that need new spine labels because ours are faded, lost, dirty, etc.

4. Check claims generated from Voyager system. Tyler began doing the entire claims procedures beginning May 2017 - - - generates a list at least monthly of items to claim that need to be checked prior to sending them to the vendor.  We check the shelves to see if item was received and just not checked in properly. Can claim to Hein on Hein Customer Service website -; some other vendors have websites where you can claim or you can email or call.

5. Search gift books in our online catalog to see if we own them already. 

6. Turn off "display in OPAC" for magazines, newspapers, daily's, loose-leaf releases, etc. in Voyager Acq. system. 

7. File microfiche after it has been checked in and processed.  Remember to count fiche pieces for monthly statistics.

8.  Special projects generated by Head of Collection Services.




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