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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: SUPERSEDED MATERIAL



1.  Shelvers bring items to Collection Services for Collection Services Assistant to review. 

2.  The Collection Services Assistant gathers item on a cart to look thru to be sure shelvers have pulled the correct title and volumes.  This can be checked by reading the instruction cards that usually come with revised items.  If there are no instructions there should be a note telling the shelvers what to pull.  If there is no note,  we will have to check the check-in record in Acquisitions or the linked items records in Cataloging to see if something should be pulled.  Another place to check is the publishers web site where they sometimes have instructions or information telling what a current set should consist of.  When in doubt, we can always call the publisher. 

3.  We keep very few items anymore.  If something is kept it is marked inside "superseded" and returned to the collection.  Notes have been added in Voyager cataloging mfhds and in Voyager acquisition check-in notes area about what to keep and what to discard.

4.  We keep anything OKLA, except we do not keep Oklahoma digest revised single volumes. 

5. The Collection Services Assistant deletes the barcoded superseded volumes from the online catalog.  Volumes that are to be discarded are counted and then deducted from our volume count.  There is a column in the monthly statistics excel form to record deductions.

6. Beginning 2015 we are keeping an excel list of titles, volumes, and cost of volumes if known for the Library Director.  It will be sent to the Library Director at the end of the FY.  The Library Director was asked that we do this by Accounting.


From Collection Development Policy Aug. 2012 - edited version Jan. 2015

The following criteria are applied in handling superseded materials:

-          The library generally does not retain superseded materials.  Exceptions include: select Oklahoma materials including Annotated Statutes, the Oklahoma Administrative Code, Oklahoma Jury Instructions, annual court rules, and other items that have historical value or value for scholarship or research as detailed below.  The Collection Services Department has added notes to check in records for volumes to keep.

-          Material containing obsolete information that creates a risk for patrons if relied upon and has no historical value will generally be withdrawn.  If obsolete material is retained the physical volumes and cataloging records will be marked “no longer updated” and a note will be included indicating if updated content is available through an electronic database.

-          Single copies of all superseded Hornbooks are retained because of their scholarly value in demonstrating the evolution of the law over time.

-          The library retains early editions of classic treatises that have value for scholarly research (the first edition of Corbin on Contracts for example).

-          Superseded treatises and loose-leafs that have not been updated in four or more years, are considered second level works or lower, or that are available through a library database are generally discarded.

-          Select superseded treatises and loose-leafs are retained for their foundational scholarly analysis of the law in specific subject areas.  The library may choose to update these materials every couple of years or not at all.

-          Superseded treatises and loose-leafs covering Oklahoma or Texas law, Oil and Gas law, skills or experiential techniques, or that provide a scholarly analysis useful in one of the school’s areas of emphasis are generally retained.

-          The library maintains print copies of the Federal Register volumes going back only one year.  The library has electronic access to historic collections of the Federal Register and Congressional Record and maintains historic collections in microform.

-          Newspapers and magazines located in the casual reading area on the 1st Floor are weeded as space requires.  Newspapers and other frequently issued publications are generally kept for 2-3 months.  Magazines and other less frequently issued publications are generally kept for 4-6 months.

-          We do not keep old editions of Study Aids books (except for Examples & Explanations), Blackletter outlines, Questions and Answers series, Concepts and Insights series, Acing series, Student Guides series, Glannon's Guides series, Short & Happy series, Nutshells, Understanding series, Law Stories series. 

-           Old casebooks and textbooks are not kept.  We are keeping these if published in the last 3 years so it is necessary to purge them periodically.  We do not actively collect them.  Usually we get them as a gift from professors.

-          ABA and PLI publications are generally kept for their historical value.


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