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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: US GPO DEPOSITORY PROGRAM

Library Coordinator

Susan Urban is the Law Library Coordinator in charge of our participation in this program.

The Collection Services Assistant checks in and processes the material received thru this program in the Voyager serials module.  He/she also files the Shipping Lists in binders by year.  This is an official record of what we have received should we need to tell GPO what we have.  Reports can also be run thru Voyager pulling a list of items which have the local note "DEPOSITORY ITEM".

General Information

Government Documents Links

Documents Data Miner 2-

Check FDLP shipping lists, claass numbers, selection profile, and superseded list is here.

 FDSYS Federal Digital System  -

Information about the GPO, find basic gpo documents, and catalog of government publications

OKIEgov -

Oklahoma e-gov wiki


ALA Gov Doc section toolbox for processing and cataloging Federal govt documens


   Oklahoma Dept. of Libraries Regional depository library.  OSU is the other regional depository library in the state


ODL needs and offers site -

Look here for needs and offers state wide.  Other n/o's show up here

Oklahoma Digital Prairie -

State documents, images and information 1978 to date for most agencies.For current laws of the State of Oklahoma, please use the Electronic Law Library for Oklahoma at the Oklahoma State Courts Network. For current administrative rules of the state of Oklahoma, please use the online Oklahoma Administrative Code and Oklahoma Registers provided by the Oklahoma Secretary of State.



The following email addresses are used for the specified purposes: 

* To send an email to the list: OKDOCS-L@LISTSERV.OKSTATE.EDU 

* To contact the list owner: OKDOCS-L-request@LISTSERV.OKSTATE.EDU 

* To send commands to the LISTSERV server: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.OKSTATE.EDU 

* To unsubscribe from the list:


The following URLs may also be useful: 

* The list home page: 

* The list subscription page:

GPO Shipping List website -

use for checking shipping lists on missed items or shipments


If we want to discard a title that was received through the depository program we have to compile a list and send it to the Oklahoma Dept. of Libraries Govt. Document Dept.  We have to keep all titles for 5 years but after that time we can offer our items to ODL and then to other Oklahoma depository libraries.  If no one wants them they can then be discarded.  ODL asked us to use this format when making discard lists:

Depository library:  Oklahoma City Univ Law Library, 0496C

Depository address:


Response needed by:  [usually 1 month after above date] 

Sudoc number

        Title and vol/date information if a serial  

..........and repeat for each item we want to offer                              


GPO websites

This site will show the days Congress is in session current and historically

The FDLP Desktop serves as a centralized resource for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), which disseminates U.S. Government information to the American public through libraries across the nation. Stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and progress of the Program and utilize various tools in order to enhance public services.

US Government Bookstore

Oklahoma Dept. of Libraries, Govt Documents Division

GODORT Toolbox for processing and cataloging federal government documents

US Government Printing Office

US Government made easy


- if we miss getting something per the shipping list that we are supposed to get we can try and ask for the item.  Often times we don't get something because they ran out of copies but we don't know this for sure until we try and claim it.

- go to FDLP website log in with username 0496C and password FDLP10547.  Go to Collection Tools, Claims.  Fill in form for the item(s) we didn't get. Submit and wait to see if we get the missed item.  An email copy of what you submit will be sent to your email.

OCU Law Library is a depository library

The OCU Law Library became a depository library in May 2013.  Previously we received law related material from Dulaney-Browne Library's participation in the depository library program.  

We select 39% of the items in the depository program.





Search by SuDocStem number, Item number and title until you find the item in Voyager.  

To search by SuDoc Stem – in the search screen pick “call number” and “browse” then type in the first few letters and numbers of the call number.  You will probably get a list of all items that match.  Look for a record that matches the sudoc number, and the item number and the title.  

To search by “item number” in the search screen pick “GPO Item number (a/z) and then enter the number as written on the paper list.  If not found, re-search the number by dropping off the “zero”.  

To search by “title”,  type “t” in the search screen box and it should pull up “title” to search by.   


086 field = SuDoc Stem number

070 and 074 = item number

245 = title

General Information

The Law Library is a selective depository library.  The procedure for processing our documents is to write the SuDoc number in the upper left inside corner and to stamp "depository" near the number.  The material is then treated like any other serial that we check in.  It is recorded as received in our VACQ database, date & property stamped and a call number is put on the spine. We are putting the SuDoc number on each piece to make compiling a weeding list easier because all entries on a discard/weed list have to have the SuDoc number as well as title, volume/date, etc.

 Once a year we can make changes to the titles we receive usually in May.

These are our selections as of June 2013

item sudocstem
0556-C GP 3.16/3-2
0556-C-07 GP 3.24
0572 AE 2.106/3-2:
0572-B AE 2.106/3:
0573-C AE 2.106:
0573-G AE 2.106/2:
0573-H AE 2.106/2-2:
0575-A AE 2.110/2:
0575-A-01 AE 2.110/3:
0575-A-02 AE 2.110:
0576-A AE 2.111:
0577-A-01 AE 2.108/2:
0627-C I 20.47:
0627-C I 20.62:
0628-C I 20.9/2:
0968-H-68 J 29.11/15:
0968-H-13 J 29.11:
0717-R-05 J 29.28:
0717-B-17 J 31.10:
0723 J 21.11:
0728-B JU 10.3/2:
0729 JU 10.10/2:
0729-A-04 JU 10.2:
0729-D JU 10.21:
0729-G JU 10.24:
0736 JU 9.5/2:
0740 JU 6.11:
0740-B JU 6.8/A:
0740-A-02 JU 6.8/B:
0741 JU 6.8:
0742-A-01 JU 13.1:
0743-C-02 JU 13.8:
0743-C-07 JU 13.8/3:
0818-K-01 LC 42.8:
0818-K LC 42.9:
0819 LC 26.9:
0819 LC 26.9:C/
0819 LC 26.9:T/
0899-A S 9.12:
0900-A-01 S 9.14/2:
0900-A S 9.14:
0991-A Y 1.2/5:
0994-B-01 X 1.1/A:
0995-G-01 Y 1.1/2:
1004-E Y 4.P 93/1-10
1004-E-02 Y 1.1/3:
1009-D-05 Y 4.IN 2/11:
1009-D-05 Y 4.IN 2/11-15:




800 N. Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405.208.5271