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Digests: Types of Digests

Digest Location in the Oklahoma City University Law Library

The library has a limited selection of other state digests that are located in the general collection

The only print digests that the library updates are the Oklahoma Digest and the Texas Digest. The Federal Practice Digest was discontinued in the Fall of 2013.

Regional Digests

The Atlantic, North Western, Pacific, South Eastern, and Southern reporters have accompanying digest sets.



Federal Digests

The Federal Practice Digest set organizes headnotes from cases reported in the Supreme Court Reporter, the Federal Reporter, the Federal Supplement, and other topical federal reporters. The Supreme Court Digest contains headnotes for cases reported in the Supreme Court Reporter. It is a useful tool if you want to limit your search to Supreme Court Decisions.

The Federal Practice Digest is on its fourth edition.

  • West's Federal Practice Digest 4th 2006-Present

State Digests

Thomson West publishes a digest for almost every state in the U.S.  Oklahoma City University Law Library subscribes to the Texas, California, New York and Oklahoma digests.

The Oklahoma Digest includes Oklahoma appellate decisions and federal appellate decisions related to Oklahoma.

Using Different Digests

Each of the Thomson West digest sets works in the same way using the same Key Number system. Once you have learned how to use any one of the digests, you can transfer those skills to another digest set.

Decennial Digest

The Decennial Digest incorporate all of the head-notes from the entire digest system. It is usually published every ten years, but the last few volumes have been published closer together. The Decennial Digest is not updated with pocket parts. The Decennial Digest is useful when you are researching case law in a jurisdiction for which Oklahoma City University does not carry the current digest. It is also a useful tool for researching federal and state case law together.  

The most recent Decennial Digest is the 12th edition, which covers the years 2008-2010. You may need to work through several editions to thoroughly research your topic.

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