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E-books: Viewing Ebrary Titles Online

Ebrary through Web Browser

You can access e-books available from Ebrary through the Law Library's online catalog. For assistance using the catalog, consult the "Searching the Catalog" LibGuide or speak with a librarian. Law students also have access to additional Ebrary titles available through Dulaney-Browne's website.

Once you have identified an Ebrary title in the catalog, it is easy to view it in your web browser. Select the link "Click here to access this ebook" and you will be redirected to the Ebrary platform. From the platform you can browse the table of contents, flip through the pages, and search the text. You may also make annotations and download content per Ebrary and publisher restrictions (see limits on number of copies, etc.), but you will need to perform a few additional tasks first. See Downloading Ebrary Titles in this LibGuide for more details.

For more information on viewing e-books directly from your web browser, please consult two potential ways to view and use Ebrary books online: Quickview and Unity Reader.

Ebrary App

Once configured for your Ebrary account, the Ebrary mobile app can be used to search for available Ebrary titles as an alternative to searching the Law Library's entire catalog. Not all titles will be available for download, but you may view portions of the selected title directly in the Ebrary App.

You will need the following to utilize the Ebrary App:

1. Internet access

2. Adobe account

3. Ebrary account

4. Adobe Digital Editions if using your PC or Mac (see supported devices to check for compatibility)

For further instructions, see using the mobile app to download, view, and return a downloaded book.

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