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Environmental Law Research: Periodicals

Useful Guide for finding Articles and Journals

Electronic Reporters

E & E (Environment and Energy)

Services include: EnergyWire – Daily coverage on the politics and business of Unconventional Energy
ClimateWire – In-depth source on the politics and business of Climate Change
E&E Daily – A premier source to track Congress
Greenwire – Comprehensive coverage of the Federal Agencies, States, Courts, Utilities, Industry, International issues, Endangered Species, and Natural Resources
E&ENews PM – Users are informed in real time on all Breaking News
E&E TV (Complimentary Service) – Original, news-making interviews with Key Policy Leaders

Environment Law Institute

The Environmental Law Institute provides access to the Environmental Law Reporter and updates on environmentally related agency actions and new stories.


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Articles related to environmental law are available in many journals. Below are examples of environmental law related law journals and their availability in the Chickasaw Nation Law Library.

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