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Restatements of the Law and Uniform Laws: Restatements held by the Chickasaw Nation Law Library

First, Second, Third... Which one?

The Restatements are are updated as changes in the law or new developments occur. However, not every jurisdiction has been a party to that change. When looking to a particular jurisdiction you must first learn which, if any, version of the restatement they follow, i.e., what version of the restatement most closely describes the law - for a particular subject - as practiced in that jurisdiction. Some attorneys may even say, "for battle of the forms state X is a restatement first state." Identifying what restatement best applies to a particular jurisdiction is vitally important if you plan to use the restatement as a resource.

Restatements held by Oklahoma City University Law Library

Agency, 3d (KF395.A2 A43 no.1-6)

Conflict of Laws (KF 395.A2 C54 1934)

Conflict of Laws, 2d (KF395.A2 C54 1971)

Contracts, 2d (K395.A2 C55 1981)

Foreign Relations Law of the U.S., 3d (KF395.A2 F62 1987)

Judgments, 2d (KF395.A2 J71 1982)

Law Governing Lawyers, 3d (KF395.A2  L353 2000)

Property (KF395.A2 P7 1936)

Property, 2d, Landlord and Tenant (KF395.A2  P7 1977)

Property, 2d, Donative Transfers (KF395.A2  P7 1983)

Property, 3d, Wills and Other Donative Transfers (KF395.A2  P713 1999)

Property, 3d, Mortgages (KF395.A2  P722 1997)

Property, 3d, Servitudes (KF395.A2  P731 2000)

Restitution, Quasi Contracts and Constructive Trusts (KF395.A2  R4 1937)

Security (KF 395.A2 S3 1941)

Suretyship and Guaranty, 3d (KF395.A2  S88 1996)

Torts, 2d (KF395.A2  T6 1965)

Torts, 3d, Products Liability (KF395.A2  T63 1998)

Torts, 3d, Apportionment of Liability (KF395.A2  T642 2000)

Trusts (KF395.A2 T7 1935)

Trusts, 2d (KF395.A2 T7 1959)

Trusts, 3d (KF395.A2 T73 2003)

Trusts, 3d, Prudent Investor Rule (KF395.A2 T72 1992)

Unfair Competition, 3d (KF395.A2 U53 1995)

Restatement of the Law Titles held at the Chickasaw Nation Law Library - Library Catalog Links

The list below covers a wide array of topics but is only a sample of various Restatements of the Law available at the Chickasaw Nation Law Library

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