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Law Library Student Worker Training: Library Rules

Rules for in the Library!

  1. Any conduct that interferes with another person’s appropriate use of the Library, or otherwise violates 21 O.S. 1376, is prohibited.
  2. Talking and collaborative study is permitted on the first floor, in the reference area and in study and collaboration rooms.  All other areas are designated for silent study only.
  3. Food is not allowed in the silent areas.
  4. Talking or making any noise with a cellphone is prohibited in the silent areas. All ringers should be set to silent mode in the library.
  5. Removing materials from the law library without first checking them out, hiding, mutilating materials, or otherwise depriving others of their use is grounds for disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Code, Article 2.01(g) and/or criminal prosecution under 21 O.S. Sec. 1739. 
  6. Law Library employees will provide patrons with a reminder of library rules whenever necessary to preserve the studious environment of the library. Law Library employees will take appropriate action when these rules are violated.
  7. These rules are subject to change.
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