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Making collected editions work

Using Composer Collected Editions

List of Collected editions available in the library

Several complete works editions exist for some composers. Because the library has purchased reprints (e.g. Kalmus reprints) for some complete works editions, it can be difficult to determine from the library catalog record to which complete works editions the reprints refer.

Scroll down for a list of the complete works editions owned by the library. The name of the composer is provided followed by the shortened ‘nickname’ of the complete works edition. When available, the abbreviations used for locating particular pieces via Grove in Oxford Music Online are included in square brackets.

Online versions of complete works editions

Some complete works editions are now in the public domain and available online. When online editions are available, a link to the relevant page in the International Music Score Library Project ( is provided by clicking on the composer's name.

The entire Bach Gesellschaft is available online at; however, note that the online complete works editions for other composers are not complete.

Breitkopf and Hartel have published many complete works editions. Click here to access complete works editions from this publisher available on

You can search for other composers complete works editions. Search using the composer's name and the keywords 'complete works'.

A note on the Kalmus reprints of complete works editions

Some of the listings have been highlighted in red. The library owns Kalmus reprint editions of these complete works editions.

The Kalmus reprint editions are often published out of order, which means that you may not be able to use the standard complete works editions series/volume/page numbers to locate pieces in the Kalmus sets.

For example, the Bach Gesellschaft edtion was published originally in 46 volumes plus one supplement volume; however, the library's Kalmus reprint edition consists of 119 volumes. For help with finding pieces within the Kalmus reprints, scroll to the bottom of this page.

List of complete works in the library

Bach, J. Christian Collected Works [CW]

Bach, J. S. Bach-Gesellschaft [BG]

Beethoven Gesamtausgabe [GA] Kalmus finding aid

Berlioz Werke [B&H]

Brahms Samtliche Werke [BW]

Chopin Paderewski Edition

Debussy Oeuvres completes

Foster, S. Root & Saunders Edition

Gesualdo Samtliche Werke [W]

Machaut Polyphonic Music of the Fourteenth Century (Schrade)

Mendelssohn Kritisch durchgesehene Ausgabe (Rietz) [R]

Mozart Mozart’s Werke [MW]

Mussorgsky Complete Collection of Works (Lamm) [L]

Perotin Works of Perotin (Thurston) [T]

Rameau Oeuvres completes [OC]

Schubert Kritisch durchgesehene Gesamtausgabe [SW]

Schumann Schumann’s Werke [SW]

Shostakovich New Collected Works

Tchaikovsky Complete Works [T]

Guidance on finding pieces within Kalmus reprint editions

Some of the Kalmus reprint editions include a category index, which is shelved at the end of the multi-volume set. This index is searchable via medium (e.g. orchestral music, piano music for four hands, mixed chorus, etc.). The sets for Berlioz, Brahms, and Mozart include category indexes.

The Kalmus reprint of the Schubert Gesamtausgabe includes a series index, which you can search using the reference numbers pulled from Grove.

In some cases (e.g. Schubert, Schumann), two sets of page numbers may be included in the Kalmus edition, with one set corresponding to the pagination of the original complete works edition.

Some of the Kalmlus reprints (e.g. Beethoven) may include a reference to the complete works series/volume number in tiny lettering at the top of the first page of the score.

The music librarian is working on indexing the Kalmus reprint editions. At the moment, only the listing for Beethoven is complete. You can search the Beethoven list by series number using the control+F function on your keyboard. Next to the series numbers, you will find a reference to the corresponding Kalmus volume number.

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