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2017 - 2018 Oklahoma City University School of Law Library Annual Report: The Collection

2017-2018 Collection Overview


  311,860   Titles     
59,693   book titles            170,818  total volumes           90,992 book volumes     
 325  book titles added       742 book volumes added  
  19,265 Electronic titles added         1 AV title added  
 163 active periodical subscriptions           407 active subscriptions of all types including periodicals  
78 books purchased for law school faculty 



Amount Spent and other Acquisitions

Center on Alternative Dispute Resolution


Center for the Study of State Constitutional Law and Government


American Indian Law and Sovereignty Center


Judge Alfred P. Murrah Center for Homeland Security Law & Policy


Norick Municipal Law Research Clinic


Energy and Natural Resources Law


Financial Services and Financial Law


Health Law


Public Law


Real Estate Practice Law


Wills, Trusts and Estates


Law Library Diversity Collection


Law Library Legal Research Award and
Advanced Legal Research Award


Digital Study Aids

West Digital Study Aids

West Digital Study Aids have continued to be well received by students. Document views, which are defined as chapter views in a book, by Month are as follows:

  • July                    113
  • August               258
  • September         551
  • October              605
  • November        1610
  • December        1825
  • January             434
  • February           569
  • March                300
  • April                7159
  • May                 1590
  • June                  121


5 ProQuest Ebook Central titles were purchased, nine ProQuest Ebook Central titles were used, and 151 EBSCOhost law subject e-books were accessed (31 were downloaded). EBSCO host was accessed 884 times from the law school IP range.


Other Databases

Electronic Resources

The Law Library continually reviews and evaluates the electronic collection to ensure resources are spent on services and tools our patrons need to successfully complete their research. Librarians work with the Law Library consortia group MALLCO, vendors, and faculty to identify and purchase useful databases or discontinue those that no longer serve patrons' needs.

Lexis Advance




Westlaw Use