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Vocal Performance Major Guide: Books and Scores

A guide for vocal performance majors at OCU

Intro to page

The music library has several books and scores for students to use. This page has a brief overview of what the library has to offer, with examples of the most popular items.



Hal Leonard Aria Anthologies edited by Robert Larsen

This collection is a compilation of a wide variety of operas most notable arias. If you are looking for a particular aria, or are just browsing for new rep, these scores are an excellent place to start:

*Note: these scores are available for in-library use only

Wait! There's More!

Not what you're looking for?

The library has several scores and books to browse through: 

780-785: Music reference (both in the music library and on the 3rd floor of Dulaney-Browne)
MT820-3: Vocal Pedagogy (in the Music Education Resource Room)
M1500: full scores of operas
M1503: Piano/Vocal scores of operas
M1507: Anthologies/Collections of selections from operas (mostly arias, but there are some duets and choruses too)
M1619-1621: Art song collections and song cycles