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Vocal Performance Major Guide: Searching the catalog

A guide for vocal performance majors at OCU

Searching with Subject Headings: a How-to Guide

If you are looking for materials on a certain topic (rather than a specific title), you can search the OCU library catalog by subject headings.

Subject headings are topical subjects chosen by a library to describe what a resource is about (Most libraries use a standardized list of subject headings from the Library of Congress.) So, for the intents and purposes of a young artist, you may want to search for materials that are about opera and classical music. 

So, to access the OCU libraries catalog, go to the website at, and you will see a page that has this search bar:

Click on the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar and select 'Subject'

And from there, search your topic! At the bottom of the page is a list of subject headings from the Library of Congress to help your search (Like the subject heading 'Mezzo-sopranos'). 

After you hit the search button, you will be directed to a results page that looks like this:

Select the desired heading-- in this case "Mezzo-sopranos." 

Depending on the heading, you will either be given a list of titles to choose from, or the record of one item that has the subject heading assigned to it

List of subject headings

Below are some possible subject headings to use in your searches

If you want to add a subdivision to these during your search, just remember to enter a double hyphen or dash in between the heading and the subdivision.

Baritones (Singers)


Basses (Singers)

Bel canto


Music Performance—Singing


(Geographic subdivisions, such as Opera--United States)

Opera—16th Century

Opera—17th Century

Opera—18th Century

Opera—19th Century

Opera—20th Century

Opera—21st Century

subdivisions for these also include: Geographic location, Congresses, Dictionaries, Dramaturgy, Librettos




Opera—Vocational guidance

Opera coaching

Opera comique

Opera companies

Opera companies—directories

Opera producers and directors


Operas—Selections—Vocal scores with piano

Operas—Stories, plots, etc.

Operas—Vocal score with piano


Singing—Breath Control



Singing—Vocational guidance


Sopranos (Singers)

Tenors (Singers)

Voice types (Singing)