Chickasaw Nation Law Library at Oklahoma City University School of Law: Oklahoma Collection

Collection Overview

The Chickasaw Nation Law Library houses historical and current legal resources specific to the state of Oklahoma. This includes state statutes, legislative reporters, and historic legal literature.

The Oklahoma Collection can be found on the South end of the library, next to the Native American Collection. For assistance using the Oklahoma Collection, please visit the circulation desk.

What's In the Oklahoma Collection?

Oklahoma Treatises and Monographs

Monographs about Oklahoma law, history, and important figures.

Oklahoma House and Senate Bills

Bills from the Oklahoma House of Representatives and Senate in print through 2000. Bills from the first and second session of each legislature are included. Each volume contains the full text as introduced, any committee reports, substitute language, and engrossed versions of each bill. Digital access to house and senate bills after 2000 can be found on the Oklahoma State Legislature's Bill Tracking Reports page.

Oklahoma Legislative Reporter

This series includes print copies of each Legislative Report published by the Journal Record through 2008. Digital access to this series through 2019 can be found on EBSCOhost.

Oklahoma House and Senate Journals

Available in print from 1907 through 2015. Volumes include include committees and assignments, summaries of legislative action, proposed constitutional amendments, and members of both the house and the senate. Digital versions of the Senate Journal and House Journal are available to view freely online.

Oklahoma Territory House and Council Journals

Print journals for the Oklahoma Territory House and Council from 1895 through 1905.

Oklahoma Statutes

Print volumes of Oklahoma state statutes through 2020. Digital versions of Oklahoma Statutes through 2021 can be found on HeinOnline's Session Laws Library.

Statutes Annotated

These volumes organize Oklahoma state statutes by topic.

Oklahoma Continuing Legal Education Materials (CLE)

The law library collects continuing legal education materials published by the Oklahoma Bar Association and commercial CLE providers.

Oklahoma Administrative Law Materials

The law library retains historical print copies of the Oklahoma Administrative Code and Oklahoma Register in the Oklahoma Collection. Access to current versions are available from The Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website, Lexis, Westlaw, and other electronic legal research sources.