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Chickasaw Nation Law Library at Oklahoma City University School of Law: Legal Research Award

Award Program Transition

The Chickasaw Nation Law Library launched the Legal Research Award program in the 2010- 2011 academic year.  Over the last 11 years, we have seen several hundred students earn the Award as well as the Advanced Legal Research Award.

Recently, however, we have reassessed the needs of the students as well as the demands of our librarians and have come to the difficult decision to start phasing out the Legal Research Award program. Attendance has been dropping each year and the law librarians have been busier than ever with more course instruction than when we began the Award program.  

What Does This Mean For You? Our in-person, live sessions for the Award class will come to an end this semester. For students who began law school in the fall of 2021 or earlier, the Award and Advanced Award may still be earned after this semester, and prior to your commencement, by completing the Award classes online with our many recorded Legal Research Award presentations. These are all available on our TWEN site for the Legal Research Award. If you watch a video and send Professor Turner an e-mail listing three or four things you learned from watching it, you will be able to earn a point. If there is an associated exercise with that video, you can earn an additional point by successfully completing the exercise. If you have 12 total points, you will receive the Legal Research Award, and if you have 24 total points, you will receive the Advanced Legal Research Award.

New Opportunities for Skills Training & Certification The following are opportunities for law students to improve their skills and earn credentials valued by legal employers:

ProCertas Legal Skills Certification is available to students who complete online learning modules in using technology in legal settings including Adobe PDF and Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. (

Westlaw’s Knowledge Center ( offers web-based courses on legal research, transactional & litigation skills, and other subjects.  Students who complete online training can earn up to six Westlaw certifications and can display the credentials on their Linkedin profile.  Additional trainings are available in legal soft skills, practice technology, and other subjects.  

Lexis Legal Research Certification ( provides access to online training modules to help students use the Lexis research platform.

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