Chickasaw Nation Law Library at Oklahoma City University School of Law: Overdue Books and Demerits

Overdue and Lost Book Policy

Library materials are considered overdue once their due date has past. Demerits begin to accumulate once items are overdue. Library materials are considered lost 30 days after their due date. In addition to accumulating demerits, you will be charged the current cost of the book as determined by library staff. You will also be charged a lost item penalty of $25. If the item is returned, you are only responsible for the accrued demerits. 

Library notices are emailed to patrons each day that the library is open. These notices will remind you that an item is due soon, an item is overdue, or an item is lost. These notices are sent to official Oklahoma City University email accounts or, for alumni and attorneys, the email address we have on record.

The best way to avoid demerits is to return items on or before the due date. You can view your due dates by logging in to the Law Library Catalog with your B number and last name. If you need materials longer than your original due date, you may request a renewal by visiting the circulation desk or by logging in to the online catalog. 

If you have a question about demerits or if you have been suspended but wish special circumstances to be taken into account, visit the circulation desk.

What are Demerits?

The Law Library uses a demerits point system to promote considerate use of library materials and to ensure the availability of resources.  Patrons with overdue materials will accrue demerits based on item type.  Below is an accrual chart for law students, alumni, and local attorneys.

Item Type Loan Period Accrual Time until suspension
Course Reserve 2 hours 2/hour 30 hours
Permanent  Reserve 2 hours 2/hour 30 hours
24 hour Reserve 24 hours 1/hour 60 hours
Study Aids 3 days 1/day 60 days
DVD 3 days 5/day 12 days
Video 2 hours 2/hour 15 hours
General Collection 21 days 1/day 60 days
Recalled items* 5/Day 12 days

*Recalled items must be returned within 48 hours of notification.

Accrual rates are per item; all item totals are added together.

Borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended for a period of 4 days once 60 demerits have accrued.  While the suspension is in place, the patron will be blocked from both checking out new materials and renewing currently checked out materials.

Faculty members and visiting scholars do not accrue demerits.