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Archives Training - Statistics: Question Types and Statistics


  • Review the information on statistical categories and experts.
  • Complete the quiz.


Every time you answer a question for a library patron, that needs to be entered into the questions statistics. You will get questions about the archives, using the fifth floor printer, help with fifth floor materials, and other library questions. Everything is tracked on the same form.

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Statistics Form - Archives Specific

Archives Collection Types

**Include a brief description of the question/research topic in the "Research Question / Notes" field then select one of the following from the "Archives Collection" drop-down choices:

  • UMC - Methodist collections
  • OCU - University collections
  • Shirk- Shirk collections
  • Special Collections - all other collections
  • Combination of collections - question/research requires use of more than one collection
  • UMC consult with Archivist - DO NOT USE - archivist use only
  • Non-UMC consult with Archivist - DO NOT USE - archivist use only
  • Other - Reading Room displays, study space

Question Types and Experts

Statistical Category Definition Example Experts
question type summary
Basic questions about physical directions or not related to information needs Where is the bathroom/office...? ALL
Equipment requests for help using computers, copiers, printers, scanners, etc. How can I print? computer help students, circulation staff, librarians
Software requests for help using Windows, Office, D2L, other software programs How do I add page numbers to my paper? computer help students, circulation staff, librarians
Collection requests for help finding a specific book or article Do you have a copy of The Hobbit? circulation students, circulation staff, librarians
Database Use requests for help in navigating the catalog or databases How can I email a copy of the full-text of this article to myself? circulation staff, librarians
Reference request for help finding information, especially for research projects Where can I find books or articles on ______? librarians
Consultation meetings with a librarian about how to find information, generally lasting more than 20 minutes help with the literature review for a senior paper librarians


Statistics Survey