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Welcome to the Nursing Research Tutorial Guide

This guide is designed to help you understand how to use CINAHL Complete to find quantitative and qualitative research articles for your nursing research literature review paper.

  • The CINAHL Basics section should take about 10 minutes to view and read. Add another 5 minutes to complete the exercise.
  • The CINAHL Advanced Searching section should take about 20 minutes to view and read. Add another 10 minutes to complete the exercise.
  • The Identifying Quantitative and Qualitative Primary Research section should take about 10-15 minutes to view. Add another 25-30 minutes to complete the exercise, which provides more examples and lets you practice and provides hints and correct answers.

Basic CINAHL Searching

  • Why CINAHL Complete?
    • Best single source, longstanding international database of journal articles on nursing (and allied health)
    • Single source provides more control, better results
  • How to get to CINAHL Complete?
    • Links in D2L (Library Resources), Library Page (under Resources-Database List), and Nursing Articles research guide
    • Direct link to
  • Search Tips:
    1. Choose CINAHL Complete
    2. Use advanced search (multiple boxes)
    3. Add a beginning year to the published date limit
    4. Use Research Articles check box limit
    5. Use key words from your question or that articles about your question might use
  • Reviewing and Accessing Articles
    • Read titles and subjects for new key word ideas and indications of the articles’ value to you.
    • Click on the article title for more details, including the authors’ employer.
    • Click on PDF for full text.
    • Use the “Email” or “Cite” options to get the APA citation

EXERCISE: Search CINAHL Complete and send yourself an email with an APA citation and the full text of a nursing research article published in the last 5 years. Do you want to know if it is correct? Then, forward it to and I will review it and respond if you include your OKCU email address.

Too many articles? - try these search limiters {video}

Too few articles? - try these search strategies - {video}

EXERCISE: Conduct a search in CINAHL Complete for music therapy and pain with these advanced search limits:

  • Research article
  • published 2015 to present
  • journal subset - nursing

Compare your results screen to check your work.

Review article descriptions to identify original research, and quantitative or qualitative research methods

EXERCISE: Complete this guided practice identifying quantitative and qualitative original research articles.

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