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Plagiarism and Source Citation (Dance): Definition

What is Plagiarism?

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarize: (1997)
1 take and use (the thoughts, writings, inventions, etc., of another person) as one’s own. 2 pass off the thoughts, etc., of (another person) as one's own.”

Plagiarism: (2003)
1. [Forgery] – Syn. Appropriation, literary theft, falsification, counterfeiting, piracy, fraud. 2. [Something forged] – Syn. Copy, fraud, counterfeit.”

Oklahoma City University defines plagiarism in the Academic Honesty Policy as “…the appropriation of another’s work and/or the unacknowledged incorporation of that work in one’s own” (Oklahoma City University 2009-2010).

WARNING: Oklahoma City University uses to detect plagiarism. Penalties for plagiarism may include receiving an F for the assignment, receiving an F for the class, expulsion from the program, or expulsion from the university.


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