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Law Library Student Worker Training: Cash Register

Cash Register

- Use the cash register for public patron copies and book sales. 

- The register is inside the cabinet in the breakroom.

- Copies for public patrons are 10¢ per page.

- Use the copy card in the folder at the bottom of the permanent reserve cabinet. 

- Go to to check how many pages the public patron has copied. The login is inside the folder.

- Finally, record the date, the amount of the transaction, and initial inside the log.

Cash Register Steps

1). Use the number keys to enter the total amount charged. 

- EX. Enter a "1" "0" "0" for $1.00. 

2). Use the blue keys to the right of the number keys to enter the department code. Press "1" for copies or "2" for a book sale. 

- There is a strip of tape at the bottom of the register with the department codes.

3). Use the number keys to enter the amount the patron has given to you. 

4). Press the big, green square button on the bottom right (the CA/AT/NJ key). The register should show what change to give the patron. 

5). Remove change, give to patron. 

6). Tear off tape. Circle the total sale (or write in if illegible), initial and date. Place tape register and close.