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Law Library Student Worker Training: Sweeps

Library Sweeps

Building sweeps are done to give us an idea of how many people are using the building. Sweeps should be done at the beginning of each shift.


1). Take sweeps sheet to keep track of patron numbers.

2). Count patrons by section of the library and floor in the building.

     - Don’t forget to count patrons in study rooms, classrooms, computer labs.

3). Push in chairs.

4). Check circulation office copier for paper.

5). Check public copier for paper/bring up paper if needed.

6). Pick up loose paper and trash.     

7). Turn off lamps.  

8). Record patron count in Access database.

       - Circulation drive -- Law Library Statistics -- New Sweeps Database

9). Browse books.

- Visit every floor to find books left on tables or carts.

- Use the Mr. Browse portable scanner to record the barcode in each book found and reshelve. 


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