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Law Library Student Worker Training: Gimlet

Procedure for Gimlet

1). Go to

2). Log in with info provided to you by the librarians.

3). Consider the question you were asked and select one in each of these boxes: Type, Duration, Asked by, Format, and Location.

4). Type out the question and your answer to it. Remember to *never* use names. For students, just use 'student.'

     For faculty or staff, use job titles, e.g., Professor, Head of Reference, etc. 

5). Select any pertinent tags.

6). Rate the difficulty of your question from 1-6. 

7). Put your initials in the last box.

8). Press the save button.

9). Make sure your question appears in the log below. You can make changes by selecting "Edit" at the upper right of the question. 

800 N. Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405.208.5271