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Searching the Chickasaw Nation Law Library Catalog: Narrowing a Search

Too many results

When facing too many search results, there are many strategies you can use to narrow your search.

  • Change your search terms. Use precise language.
  • Add an additional search term.
  • Limit your results to only print materials or only electronic materials.
  • Add a time frame. Look for recent publications or publications printed in the same time frame to find unique perspectives on a topic.

Using Limits

Use quick limits to limit your simple search to items published in the last 10 years, published in the last 6 years, videorecordings and DVDs, reserve items, items in the Native American collection, study aids, electronic or online resources, or print materials.

You can also use limits in advanced searches.

You can limit to the recent publications:

Or to a date range:

Or by Location:

Advanced searching

Boolean Operator AND

In advanced searching, the Boolean operator AND can be used to search for items that include both term 1 and term 2.

Boolean Operator NOT

In advanced searching, the Boolean operator NOT can be used to search for items that include term 1, but not term 2.