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Resource Guide to Diversity: Home

A guide to encourage the inclusion of diversity in the curriculum and class discussions.

How to Be an Anti-Racist Educator

True Diversity

         SIP 9.4 Normalizing Gender Diversity in the Classroom – The Well

True diversity takes into account people of different race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, economic status, age, disabilities, religious beliefs and other ideologies that are not the majority. The goal is to enrich learning by incorporating all of these into education.  

Minority Women in Legal Education


The purpose of this LibGuide is to be a resource used by law professors and/or law students who are interested in learning how race and diversity topics can be implemented into learning about the Law.  Resources throughout the different web pages correlate with their respective topics.  This is only a starting point.

Teaching Gender as a Core Value

Incorporating Diversity into Legal Learning

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Many people who choose a career in the legal field will encounter, represent, and advocate for those who have different ethnicities and backgrounds.  It is important to incorporate diverse learning in law schools for all students to understand how the law has changed over time with respect to various minorities.

Reading Lists

Integrating Doctrine and Diversity: Inclusion and Equity in the Law School Classroom