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Family Law Research: Adoption

Points to Remember

Adoption law, like most areas of family law, is primarily governed by the states. However, federal regulations can oftentimes be intertwined with state law. The Indian Child Welfare Act is a good example of federal family law that will govern state laws. 

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

ICWA is a federal law passed in 1978 that seeks to keep Indian children with Indian families. The law creates federal requirements that apply to state child custody proceedings. These federal requirements occur when the proceeding involves an Indian child who is a member (or eligible member) in a federally recognized Indian tribe. 

CALI Lesson


Adoption CALI Lesson - covers the general area of adoption law & is an introduction to the topic.


Costs of Adoption

Additional Resource

Adoption Statistics in the US

2011 All States Adoption Stats

1999-2011 Adoption Stats

Source: Intercountry Adoption 

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