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Oklahoma Innocence Project Student Guide: Experts

Expert Witness Databases

JurisPro Expert Witness Directory

JurisPro offers a free directory of expert witness profiles. Search by keyword, or expert or company name. Or browse the subject index. Profiles include some or all of the following: contact information, picture of expert, introduction, Web page (hosted by JurisPro), background information, articles, references, and curriculum vitae.

Daubert Tracker

A fee-based resource by MDEX (Medical and Disability Experts) Online, the Daubert Tracker tracks federal and state "Daubert" cases - allowing users to more accurately check the 'gatekeeping history' of experts before retention or deposition. Daubert Tracker maintains a database of reported Daubert, as well as Kumho Tire and Joiner, decisions. You may search this database for free.

ALM Experts

American Lawyer Media offers this searchable directory of expert witnesses. Search by name, keyword, location, or other criteria to find expert witness profiles and contact information. Profiles often include a photo, full resume, e-mail contact (address hidden), education, licensing and primary expertise. You may also browse the database by expertise.

HG Experts

Provides a listing by subject and/or jurisdiction of experts in medical and forensic evidence.

Westlaw Expert Searching

1. Sign in to Westlaw

2. Go to "Expert Materials"



3. Select Database


4. Enter search criteria

Be specific, but not too specific! Remember to use Westlaw terms and connectors for better results

5. Things to keep in mind:

  •    This is not a comprehensive database, but rather a tool to finding expert materials.
  •    Look for Expert Challenge Reports
  •    Mostly includes information from federal cases.

Verifying Medical Information and Experts

National Library of Medicine

Use the NLM website to look up medical terms and to link to PuBMed and Medline to search medical journals and studies. 

American Board of Medical Specialities (free service)

Board Certified Docs (very pricey database);jsessionid=BE935216F66413F860A4F3B9CB3DC60B 


LexisAdvance provides access to Daubert Tracker, a database of expert testimony and challenges. 

1. Sign in to Lexis Advance

2. Go to Browse Sources

3. Select Daubert Tracker

4. Search for you expert

Verifying Resumes and CVs


Some schools will provide graduation dates and verify degrees. Call the university's registar office to confirm attendance and graduation. Many school's require the former student to submit a waiver to release records.

Work History

Call former employers to verify work history.


Look up license information for every state the expert lived after completing their graduation, even if they do not list being licensed in that state. This will help you identify any instances of an individual loosing their license. Also look for red flags such as "revoked" or "resigned" on their CV.


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