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Patents: Secondary Sources

Suggested Subject Headings

Patent acquisition

Patent eligibility



Novelty: prior invention


Adequate disclosure



International patent law

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Journals/Law Reviews

Journals and law reviews are helpful because the author usually does extensive research and the articles contain citations to other secondary and primary sources.

1. Idea: The Journal of Law and Technology is available from 1957 (vol. 1) to 2011 (vol. 51) via the subscription database HeinOnline.

2.Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property is available from 1999 (vol. 1) to 2011 (vol. 14) via the subscription database HeinOnline.

3. Journal of Intellectual Property Law is available from 1993-1994 (vol. 1) to 2011 (vol. 18) via the subscription database HeinOnline.

4. Intellectual Property Law Bulletin is available from 1996 (vol. 1) to 2011 (vol. 15) via the subscription database HeinOnline.

5. Intellectual Property Newsletter available from 1981 (vol. 1) to 2008 (vol. 26) via the subscription database HeinOnline.

6. The Patent Law tab in Lexis Nexis contains access to many journals and Law Review articles on copyright and intellectual property via the subscription databases LexisNexis.

7. Loyola Law and Technology Annual available from 1996-1997
(vol. 1) to 2009-2010 (vol. 9) via the subscription database

Law Review and Journal Articles

Other Resources

1. The subscription database Westlaw contains a general intellectual property tab and a patent practitioner tab.

2. The subscription database LexisNexis has a topical section devoted to patent law which combines secondary and primary materials.

3. Patent and trademark information from the at the Patent and Trademark Resource Center at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

4. Patent search online tutorial by McKinney Engineering Library at the University of Texas-Austin.

Pro Se

Treatises & Casebooks

Here are a number of treatises and casebooks that you can find in the Law Library.

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