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Marketing: Articles

A guide to resources on marketing available through the library and beyond.

Why Articles?

Scholarly journal articles are great for:

  • research reports
  • current information
  • narrow topics
  • information for experts

Popular magazine and newspaper articles cover:

  • news reports
  • information for the general public

Business Databases

Searching for Articles

The most current research in most fields will be found in journal articles. EBSCOHost includes many databases both general and specific to various academic disciplines. To start with a broad search, type a search in the box below, and click the Search button. Or, you can click on one of the links in the database list box to search just a specific database.

  • Check out this page to remind you of the difference between scholarly and popular sources.

EBSCOhost search:

You can do similar searches through the JSTOR and Project Muse databases. Just click on the buttons below to go to one of those databases.

Additional Journal Information

Many citations in the sciences use standardized abbreviations for journal titles. You will need the full title in order to request interlibrary loan and you may need the standard abbreviation for your own citations.

Limit to Scholarly & Full Text

Use the Limit to.. Full Text and Scholarly options after searching

Getting to full text

The PDF icon should open Adobe Reader and show the full text of the article as originally published. Print and save from the Adobe Reader interface.

The "Full Text Finder" option means the article should be available. Try it first for immediate access, then choose Interlibrary Loan if needed.

The "Full text from..." option may take a few clicks to link through the publisher to the full text. Try the Full Text Finder or Interlibrary Loan if it doesn't work.

 The "Interlibrary Loan" or "ILL" service is free to OCU students, faculty, and staff and usually takes 3 - 5 days. The library staff requests the article from another library and then emails it to you.

For articles not found through EBSCOhost, check the library's Journals List for the journal title or request through Interlibrary Loan if you don't find it there.

Database Citation Creators

Look for the 'cite' option

  • choose your citation style
  • highlight
  • copy
  • paste
  • proofread!

cite article icon

cite book icon