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Oklahoma Legal Oral History

Interviews with Oklahoma Legal Professionals


Leslie L. Conner Jr practiced law in Oklahoma City. He received a combined BA and LLB from the University of Oklahoma in 1963. After graduation, he spent 3 years in the Air Force in Tucson, Arizona. He served 26 years total as active and reserve. He was president of the Oklahoma Bar Association in 1980. He passed away in March 2009.

If a researcher wishes to use the information gathered in this interview for uses other than educational or scholarly uses, they may do so without further permission from the estate of the interview subject. 


Below is a short selection of the interview with Leslie Conner. You can listen to the full interview by visiting the Chickasaw Nation Law Library at Oklahoma City University School of Law.


Below is an excerpt from Mr. Conner's interview and a link to download the full transcript.

LLC: That’s true. And I’ll never forget sitting in that, I was taking Constitutional Law one summer from Dr. Merrill and it was an early morning class, it was like a 7:30 class and we were sitting there down at the old law barn, the windows were all open, and somebody’s wife had a radio and we were all trying to listen in and to Merrill at the same time because that is when Kennedy invaded…..

KEK: Cuba.

LLC: No it wasn’t. There was some crisis.

KEK: Was it the Cuban Missile Crisis?*

LLC: It had to be Cuba because I was on active duty when Kennedy was assassinated. And we were all, there were a lot of Air National Guard guys sitting in that classroom just knowing they were going to get called up.

KEK: Were you afraid that you were going to get called up?

LLC: Oh yeah, I could have been activated too.

*According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the Cuban Missile Crisis happened in October 1962.

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