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Oklahoma Legal Oral History

Interviews with Oklahoma Legal Professionals


Robin Gregory-Rollins is the Assistant Attorney General for the Chickasaw Nation. Before graduating from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 2001, she was a paramedic. 

If a researcher wishes to use the information gathered in this interview for uses other than educational or scholarly uses, they may do so without further permission from the interview subject. 


Below is a short selection of the interview with Robin Gregory-Rollins. You can listen to the full interview by visiting the Chickasaw Nation Law Library at Oklahoma City University School of Law.


Below is an excerpt from Ms. Gregory-Rollins's interview and a link to download the full transcript.

KEK: That’s right. Did you ever feel like you were treated any differently at OU or in that first job because you were a woman? Did you ever feel any difference?

RGR: I don’t think I ever did at OU really. I don’t remember ever having any kind of problems ever there. I actually probably got some I think they call it “leaned toward me” a little bit. I mean, the whole time I was in law school I had a real bad thyroid that was cancerous and I’d have to go up to Mercy a couple of times a week there for a while, and then it was, I know this is disgusting to talk about but it was the size of an orange and you could see it on the side of my neck. So, the doctors said “We just got to take it out.” So, it was there for a while, it was right when I first started, it was my first year. They were real nice about letting me go to the doctor, missing class to have to go to the doctor, and missing class for having to go have procedures. I think, if anything, I was probably a little pet. You know I felt like I was anyway. But I had it radiated, I went back, gosh I wish I could remember my first year, my counselor’s name, a real sweet little white haired woman. I was radioactive and couldn’t go back to school that day and I went into her office and I said “Don’t, I’m just going to stand here in the doorway, because the doctor says I’m radioactive. I’m not supposed to sit next to anybody. I’m not supposed to have anybody in the car. I’m not supposed to… my husband can’t sleep with me. I can’t hug my kids for three days.” So she said “Oh my goodness gracious.” So this was like on a Tuesday and I had all week to miss. I didn’t know when I went in to have that procedure I had no idea that’s what was going to happen. I think they were, everybody was very nice. I don’t remember having any problems regarding gender or race or anything like that, nothing.

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