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Psychology: Articles


PsycINFO is the most comprehensive database of psychology articles and other sources from the 19th century to the present. Use it to find full-text, peer-reviewed articles on a topic of your choice:

Remember to limit your search results by checking "Linked Full Text" and "Peer Reviewed." You may also narrow the range of years that you search by sliding the "Publication Date" bar:


The PsycINFO "Thesaurus" is also a very helpful tool for finding the correct search terms for your topic:



Other Psychology Databases

PsycINFO will search most but possibly not all of the psychology articles contained in the databases below. If your search in PsycINFO is not yielding good results, try one or more of these. Each database has helpful tools, including Subject Terms, Cited References (an article's bibliography of related articles), and Times Cited (later articles that cite your chosen article). Cited References and Times Cited are great for doing literature reviews.

Another very useful database, especially when you can't find articles on your topic elsewhere, is ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. These sources are typically much longer and more detailed than journal articles, and they are peer-reviewed. They often will have extensive bibliographies on their topic, which can point you to additional sources. Most dissertations are available in full text; some might have to be ordered through inter-library loan.

Major Journals (selected)

To search for individual journal titles, use this link: