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Psychology: Careers

Job Trends and Listings

TIP: O-Net Online has wages and trends information for multiple subfields of psychology:

Graduate Program Rankings

TIP:  The National Research Council (NRC) rankings provide a range of rankings in different areas, as shown; they are considered more accurate and realistic than "top 10"-type rankings. For example, UC-Davis Dept. of Psychology is ranked between 21st and 57th:


Guides for Writing CVs and Resumes


To find information about a potential faculty advisor, including recent research by their graduate students, try searching in the "Advisor" field in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (Advanced Search):

TIP:  To find all of the articles by your potential advisor, try searching the Indexes in PsycINFO database. Select "author" and type your advisor's last name, first initial. (Note that there might be multiple versions of their name):