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Bluebook Rules: LII Guide to Legal Citation

LII: A Great Resource

The LII site for legal citation is a very useful resource on The Bluebook and legal citation in general. However, before consulting this site be sure to look at The Bluebook first and always use The Bluebook's citation form! 


The LII site is updated in accordance with the 6th edition of AWLD while taking into account the most recent Bluebook.  The site was revised in 2017.


Not only is the LII Guide available online, but it is also available in different e-book formats.  You can obtain a PDF version (which can be used on on Ipad, or any tablet, and on computers); or a version for Kindle; or a verision for Nook and other e-readers. To download in any of these formats just follow this link

Points to Remember

The LII site has a great guide for abbreviations & omissions organized alphabetically. Also the guide links you directly to examples of how to correctly use the abbreviations. 


The LII site has an alphabetically organized list of abbreviations for quick reference to Bluebook abbreviations and omissions. Additionally you can link to examples of abbreviations used in actual citations for a more comprehensive look at citations in use. 

Table of Contents

Website Form: 

Online Book Form: 

How to Cite Specifics

The LII online boook breaks down citation by category (i.e. e-sources, opinions, statutes, court rules, books, etc.) and gives the writer an easy to understand format of citation. The site gives concise examples with explanations in the form of citation principles to follow.