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Bluebook Rules: The Bluebook Online

Online Bluebook Features

With the new Bluebook Online you will have:

  • Access to a full Bluebook
  • Search features to quickly find citation guidance
  • Ability to add bookmarks & annotations of the rules for continued reference
  • Ability to share group notes 
  • Tips from The Bluebook editors
  • Access to The Bluebook when and wherever internet is available. 

Description from

A familiar experience

The Bluebook Online will make experienced Bluebookers feel "at home right away." The table and rule numbering is identical to the print version and the layout is very similar. 

Points to Remember

If you are having trouble locating information when using The Bluebook Online look to the left side of the site and utilize the table of content listings. Reading the introduction information to The Bluebook can be very beneficial in determining the structure.  If you do not want to read the intro watch the video "Introducing The Bluebook Online".


If you own The Bluebook- set up an online account

Better & Easier Searching Capabilities

The Bluebook Online allow for searching in two useful formats: Simple Search and Advanced Search. With these practical search tools it is now easier than ever to search for the correct form of citation that you are looking for.  

Great Organization

The Bluebook Online experience gives users their own unique homepage. On the homepage you will find the structure of The Bluebook laid out for ease of use in finding the section of The Bluebook that you wish to find. Additionally, each user's saved bookmarks and annotations are listed on the homepage along with any recent or saved searches. The editors also include some BlueTips on each user's homepage.

Subject Guide

Tour the new Bluebook Online

Bluebook's official website has many videos available showing the features and an overview of the Bluebook Online experience. To view these videos follow this link


Online Collaboration

The Bluebook Online allows users to create groups with other subscribers in which you can share notes and annotations. The groups can be set up in a variety of ways either allowing one user to manage the group or allowing for editing group information by any group member. The group manager function may be an excellent tool for law professors who wish to share their ideas and preferences with students concerning Bluebook citation in an online format. 

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