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Citators: LexisAdvance

Quick Note about using Print

For many years, attorneys used a print publication called "Shepard's Citations." Shepardizing a case using the print version involved using as many as three different bound volumes and then getting as close to today's date as possible by using paper pamphlets. However, in the 1990s, Shepard's was purchased by LexisNexis and incorporated into its online system. Even today, many attorneys and judges refer to "shepardizing" when discussing the use of citators.

Shepardizing with the Print Sources

The Chickasaw Nation Law Library discontinued Oklahoma Shepard's in print in January 2012.

More information about using Shepard's in Print is available here 

Points to Remember

Just because a case has a red stop sign that means negative treatment is indicated does NOT mean that the entire case is no longer good law. It just means that at least one point of the case is no longer good law. Always read the case to see what part of it is overruled or no longer valid!

Electronic Access to Shepard's

There is a public access terminal in the Reference Area where researchers can use Shepard's to make sure their cases are still good law. See one of the librarians for assistance with accessing Shepard's.

Using Shepard's on LexisAdvance

1. Log on to LexisAdvance. 

2. Enter your citation in the search bar.

3. Document will pull up.

History and Citing Decisions

Review the appellate history and the citing decisions.  Appellate history will show you whether your case was reversed by a higher court.  Citing decisions will show how your decision was treated by other courts.


Narrowing Results

Use the narrowing features on the left column to narrow your results by analysis, court, discussion, headnotes, or timeframe.

Law Reviews, Treatises, and Other Secondary Sources

You can locate secondary sources that discuss your case by clicking on "Other Citing Sources" in the left column. 



LexisAdvance has tutorials to help users navigate through the system.

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