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Citators: Westlaw

Using KeyCite on Westlaw

1.  Log on to Westlaw

2.  Enter Citation in Search Box.

3.  Document will pull up, with sections on Negative Treatment, History, and Citing References.

Direct History

Direct History can be a great way to see at a glance what has happened with your case.

Narrowing Your Results

Westlaw makes it easy for the researcher to narrow results.  Click on "Citing References" after pulling up a case.  In the left-hand column, you can select cases (and further narrow by jurisdiction), administrative decisions, secondary sources (such as ALRs, treatises, or law reviews), appellate court documents, or trial court documents.


Westlaw has tutorials available to help users.  Select "Training & Support" at the bottom of the initial screen.

After selecting "Training & Support," you will be given the option of choosing among a series of tutorials. 

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