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Free/Low-Cost Legal Research on the Internet: Select Free Online and Open Access Resources

Open Access Publications

An Open Access resource is an electronic publication of freely available legal scholarship.  These resources are often accessible through digital repositories.


Legal scholarship is becoming more widely available at no charge on the Internet.  Some journals and law reviews are published exclusively online.  One source for these is through the Washington and Lee School of Law, Current Law Journal ContentIt contains information through May 2011, but is no longer being updated.  It is still searchable from 2000 to April 2011. 

Another option is through FindLawSelect "Academic Law Journals and Law Reviews," which offers links to law journals by topic. 

Directory of Open Access Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals has more than 120 different open access scholarly journals available.  Many are from other countries, but some U.S. journals are available as well.  Most titles are in English. 

Law Reviews with Online Content

New York Law School tracks law reviews with online content.  Newly received issues are indicated with a red circle next to the entry.  Many prominent United States law reviews are included.  Click here to see the different journals. 


Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is the largest repository of legal scholarship.  The Legal Scholarship Network (part of SSRN) contains tens of thousands of law-related papers and abstracts.  Titles and abstracts may be viewed without signing up, but free registration is required for downloading.


Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) is another institutional repository for legal scholarship.  Anyone may download and read these papers at no cost. 


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