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LAB-rary 2013: Civility, A Discussion in Honor of Professor J. William Conger: Bad Times of the Good Old Days

Sage Quotations

“Do as adversaries do in law -- strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends.”

-Taming of the Shrew, William Shakespeare-

"Lawyers who know how to think but have not learned how to behave are a menace and a liability, not an asset to the administration of justice."

- Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Berger- 

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Articles for Discussion

David K. Hale, The Monster in the Mirror: Declining Civility in the Practice of Law vol. 80, no. 33 Oklahoma Bar Journal 2545-2547 (Dec. 12, 2009).

G.M. Filisko, You're Out of Order! Dealing With the Costs of Incivility in the Legal Profession ABA Journal (Jan. 2013).

David. B. Casselman, Why Civility ... And Why Now?, Civilty Matters, ABOTA Foundation.

Kara Anne Nagorney, A Noble Profession? A Discussion of Civility Among Lawyers, 12 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 815 (1999).

Tactics for Dealing With Incivility

If Incivility Strikes ... How Should You Respond With Civility in These Situations? Ethics and Civility Committee of ABOTA.

Travis Pickens, Dealing With Difficult Lawyers vol. 82  no. 33 Oklahoma Bar Journal 2897-2900 (Dec. 10, 201

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