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Nuclear Medicine: Introduction to U.S. & International Regulations and Clinical Practice Resources: Med. Books and Online

Popular Nuclear Medicine Books

Through medical school or hospital libraries, you may find books on clinical nuclear medicine.  When researching library catalogs for these books, there are various terms that may be useful besides the term "nuclear medicine."  Remember to consider using subject searches based upon the subject index of the library.  Related terms are:  PET imaging (Positron Emission Tomography), PET/CT, nuclear cardiology, nuclear cardiac imaging, radiopharmaceuticals, radiation effects, scintigraphy, radioisotope therapy, and radionuclide therapy. Combining the topic of interest with the term "atlas" may help you find a reference with extensive use of images.  For more suggested terms, you may want to review the third column of the above "Journals" tab regarding researching medical journals.

Some popular nuclear medicine books include:

Online Nuclear Medicine References

There are several useful Nuclear Medicine references available via the Internet. 

Scott William, M.D., has coordinated an excellent online reference covering diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, and PET imaging that is available via  This reference is updated regularly and includes images as well as textual information.  For access, registration is required, but is free.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has a "Human Health Campus" that includes an extensive collection of free online Nuclear Medicine resources.  For an excellent free reference about nuclear camera systems the IAEA Quality Control Atlas for Scintillation Camera Systems is available in PDF format for free.

Several good teaching cases and online references are available through the Harvard Medical School Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine. This includes an extensive Whole Brain Atlas and an 18FDG-PET & PET/CT Image Atlas.

The MedPix database of peer-reviewed medical image teaching files cases can be searched with a "Filter by Modality" selection for Nuclear Medicine.

Another extensive online reference is the Atlases of Nuclear Medicine site which includes diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine.

Although it has not been updated since 2002, the online atlas of Scintigraphy of the Paediatric Skeleton is still a very good resource for images of the pediatric skeleton at different ages.

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