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Nuclear Medicine: Introduction to U.S. & International Regulations and Clinical Practice Resources: Law Books and Journals

Law Library Resources

The Law Library has no books specific to nuclear law, but does have a book discussing medical research programs involving the use of radiation:

  Cover Image     

Also available is a report to Congress: 

Radiation Research in the VA involving human subjects: hearing before the Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Reports may be found using the search box below.

Finding Nuclear Regulatory Commission publications in the Law Library

Search using "Nuclear Regulatory Commission" to find in-house publications.

Search Tips

When searching for information on Nuclear Medicine related topics, consider using Westlaw Key Numbers. Depending on your specific area of interest, considering searching for key number terms related to: radiation, radioactive. nuclear, radiology, and malpractice. For example, some helpful Key Numbers include:

1493k492 Radiation and Nuclear Materials> Administrative Agencies and Proceedings

149Ek493 Radiation and Nuclear Materials> Enforcement in general; penalties and fines

198Hk708 Particular Procedures>Radiology, ultrasound, and other medical imaging

Notice that "Results Plus" section includes relevant Am.Jur. (American Jurisprudence) and other secondary sources.  For example:

Duty to notify patient of result of diagnosis or test (61 Am. Jur. 2d § 212)


When searching, you may wish to consider the following terms:

nuclear mediicne
nuclear cardiology
nuclear radiology
radioactive materials
SPECT (single photon emission tomography)
PET (positron emission tomoraphy)
gamma camera

Law Journals

The International Journal of Nuclear Law (ISSN: 1741-6396) addresses a wide range of topics involving nuclear materials and nuclear energy including  regulations, radiation protection, international laws, liability, ethics, intellectual property, and many others. 


The Nuclear Law Bulletin is available from the Nuclear Energy Agency.  The bulletin provides information on nuclear law developments.  For all issues except the most recent three, full-text articles are available for free in PDF format on the bulletin's Web site.

Environmental Law and Health Law journals may also carry articles relevant to radioactive materials, radiation protection, radiation effects, and nuclear medicine.  Findlaw has helpful lists of Health Law Journals and Environmental Law Journals.

At the Oklahoma City University Law Library, you may wish to search the A-Z List of Law Journals available via print or electronically.

Legal Periodicals Indexes

To search legal periodicals in general, the use of indexes may be helpful, such as:

HeinOnline (full-text)

For Oklahoma City University faculty and students, these are accessible through the Law Library list of Databases.

Other legal periodical indexes that may be helpful include:

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

Current Law Index

Legal Resource Index

Low Cost Databases

Google ScholarOffers free searching of legal opinions, journals and patents. Link to full-text provided when available, otherwise link provided to subscription source. Includes "cited by"information.

   Offers flexible subscription plan for access to a variety of primary legal sources. (Free to Okla. bar members.) 

  Offers subscription based access to primary and secondary legal resources.  Many pricing options are available. 

 Offers free access to federal case law and additional materials on a pay-by-use basis.

Offers low cost subscriptions for access to primary federal materials.

Finding Nuclear-relevant Law Books

The Library of Congress Classification system categorizes law books under Class K.  United States law books are subclass KF, with further subdivisions for specific state laws. Subclass KZ has International Law.

Specific catalog numbers of interest include:

K3400-3431     Administration Law (Regulattions)

K3581-(3598)   Environmental Law

K3601-3611      Medical Legislation

K4360-4375      Regulation of Professions and occupations

KZ1298-1304    The Law of Treaties.  System of Treaty Law

KZ4850-(5490)  Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO's)

Nuclear Law

The IAEA is a strong resource for information on Nuclear Law.  One of their popular publications, available for free download, is the Handbook on Nuclear Law (2003).  It is available in several languages. 

The Handbook on Nuclear Law, Implementing Legislation (2010) is also available in several languages from the IAEA.

Several Resources for Nuclear Law are also available through the Web site of the Nuclear Energy Agency, an intergovernmental organization based in France with members throughout Europe as well as Korea, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. The NEA Web site describes that the agency deals with the peaceful uses of nuclear energy "in a small, non-political forum with a relatively narrow, technical focus." While the NEA's resources are not as extensive as the IAEA's, many of the resources are quite useful.


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