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Oil & Gas Law Research: Oklahoma Corporation Commission


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) plays a vital role in our state's governance. Established in 1907, the OCC was charged with regulating public service, such as railroads, telephones, and telegraphs.  In 1914, the OCC began regulating oil and gas. Over the years, this regulation of oil and gas has expended.

The OCC has judicial, legislative, and administrative authority. It hears cases to determine drilling and spacing units for oil and gas exploration. Also, it determines "pooling" disputes. Its decisions are only appealable to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Three state-wide elected officials serve on the OCC. Their terms are six years.


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is vested with enforcing laws and promulgating rules pertaining to: oil & gas exploration; underground injection, disposal, and remediation; construction of certain pipelines; and other specific oil & gas issues. Oklahoma laws pertaining to the OCC's authority can be found in Oklahoma Statutes title 17 §§ 51, et seq. This can be found in print in the Chickasaw Nation Law Library in the Oklahoma Collection, at KFO 1230 .O52. Online, Oklahoma Statute title 52 can be easily accessed on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network (OSCN) by selecting the "Legal Research Tab" tab and then clicking the link to the Oklahoma Statutes Citationized. Regulations promulgated by the OCC are located in the Oklahoma Administrative Code title 165. This can be accessed online on the Oklahoma Secretary of State website by selecting "Administrative Rules" tab and then clicking the "view code" link under "Online Services."

Pooling Disputes

Oil and gas are found in different geologic formation beneath the earth. Each well is drilled to a specific formation.

Drilling & Spacing Disputes

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