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Restatements of the Law and Uniform Laws: Where to find Uniform Laws, Model Acts, and Related Resources

Helpful Links

Find it Online!

"The current Uniform Laws are also posted on the Internet by the NCCUSL. You may access the acts on the Uniform Law Commission's webite by clicking on "Acts" on the top column or by using the "Find an Act" feature depicted below.  The drafting process is also available under "Acts" on the top column.  The Legal Information Institute (LII) also provides information regarding state adoptions of uniform laws in the areas of Business and Finance Law, Commercial Law, Evidence, Matrimonial, Family and Health Law, and Probate on-line at   LII links to state resources also provide access to statutes containing the text of the act as adopted by a specific state." Darla Jackson, Uniform Laws and Model Acts (2005)


The ULC // NCCUSL website's "Find an Act" feature:


"Lexis and Westlaw also provide access to model acts and uniform laws.  Westlaw provides access in its ULA database.   Model acts and uniform laws may be found on Lexis by selecting the secondary legal resources and then the 'Model Acts and Uniform Laws' sections.  Alternatively, these resources can be found by browsing an area of law by topic and then searching under the statutes and legislative materials for Uniform Act or Model Acts.  For example, Lexis provides access to the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act under the Statutes and Legislative Materials portion of the Cyberlaw Area of Law." Darla Jackson, Uniform Laws and Model Acts (2005)


Westlaw's Uniform Laws Annotated database:


Locating Uniform Laws Via the Uniform Laws Annotated

The Uniform Laws Annotated is an annotated set containing every uniform law recommended for adoption.  The set is periodically updated with pocket parts and other supplements. Additionally, the Uniform Laws Annotated is available online via Westlaw (as shown above).

The Uniform Laws Annotated generally contains the following:

  • Table of Jurisdictions Wherein the Act has been Adopted
  • Historical Notes
  • Commissioner’s Prefatory Notes
  • General Statutory Notes
  • Jurisdictions Adopting the Uniform Act in a Manner Precluding Comparative Notes
  • Outline of the Act

Additionally, each section will provide:

  • Text
  • Official Comment
  • Action in Adopting Jurisdiction
  • Law Review Commentaries
  • Library References
  • Annotations or Notes of Decisions

Book Resources that Go Beyond the "Simple" Text...

"Uniform laws and model acts are also published in the 'United States Uniform and Model Acts' section at the end of Martindale-Hubbell’s International Law Digest (K68 .M36[]).  Additionally, Martindale-Hubble 'United States Law Digest' [] contains a listing of the Uniform Laws in force in a specific state.  This information is available in the Statutes subsection of each state under the 'Courts and Legislature' section.  The Martindale-Hubbell listing does not provide the text of the Act as adopted by the state; however, substantive area discussions contained in the digest often reference the language and provide a citation to the title and section of the state’s statutes containing the text of the act as adopted by the state." Darla Jackson, Uniform Laws and Model Acts (2005)


"The Handbook of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, (Microform AA90) is an annual report of the activities of the NCCUSL (OCU’s holding of the Handbook of the National Conference of Commissioners is current only through the 101st  Conference in 1992.).   It contains information on projects under consideration and documents adoption of specific acts by the states. Thus, it may serve as a source of an act's developmental history.  The 2004 Annual Report is available online at ." Darla Jackson, Uniform Laws and Model Acts (2005)

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