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Statutory Research- Federal & State: Oklahoma Free Resources

Oklahoma Statutes

(Image taken from Constitutional Law Prof Blog)

Statutes in print

There are two different print resources for Oklahoma statutes. (Both can be found at the Law Library.) As with the federal statutes, each has something different to offer the researcher.

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated is the unofficial version and provides the researcher with subtopics and pertinent case law for each statute.

Oklahoma Statutes is the official version of the Oklahoma statutes.

Session laws and other resources

The Oklahoma Legislature website includes legislative bill tracking information, copies of all versions of bills including committee reports, daily agendas, meeting notices, calendars, and an array of useful information. This information is available on the website earlier than it is available in hard copy.

The OBA website has many helpful research links and current event links.

Searching for Statutes on FastCase

House Session Day 60 Oklahoma House of Representatives

The Oklahoma Legislature page now gives online video access to the legislative process. Here below is one example of this.

The Oklahoma State Courts Network

OSCN is on online resource not only for Oklahoma Statutes (citationized), but for Oklahoma cases, session laws, administrative code, court rules, uniform jury instructions and the Constitution.  It also includes U.S. Supreme Court cases, U.S.Constitution, U.S. Code, 10th Circuit cases, and Oklahoma Federal District court cases. Below is a screenshot of the Legal Research page.


The Oklahoma Statutes are searchable and browsable. Each statute is citationized-- however, further Shepardizing and Key Cite searches are recommended. There are also links to applicable historical laws with the text of law that has been redacted.

Points to Remember

You can sign up on the Oklahoma State Legislature page Legislative Electronic Notification System (LENS) to track bills as they are first brought to the House or Senate/ while the bill is "moving" through the legislative process toward becoming law.

You can also track present and past bills with the Oklahoma State Legislature page Bill Tracking Report from the 1993 Regular Session to 2014 Regular Session.

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