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Statutory Research- Federal & State: Texas Free Resources

Statutes in print

As is the case with Oklahoma, Texas Statutes have two primary print resources:  the official and the annotated. However, unlike Oklahoma's statutes, Texas has broken its statutes into topical codes,  e.g. Texas Agriculture Code, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Texas Natural Resource Code, and the Texas Occupations Code,

Vernon's Texas Codes is the official version of the Texas Statutes.  Vernon's has the Texas state constitution as well.

Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated is the unofficial version and gives commentary and case law for each statute within the select code.

Other Resources

This website has many research/ search functions, which include Texas court decisions, the state constitution, bills, statutes, rules for practice and procedure, and local court rules.

Click here for iTune apps that allow for downloadable research applications to the user's iPhone.

Texas legislature online

The Texas Legislature page allows for both a quick search by title and section and a browse by table of contents.

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