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E-books: EBSCO E-books

Locating EBSCO E-books in the Catalog

The law library provides access to select law-related e-books through EBSCO. EBSCO titles are accessible through the Chickasaw Nation Law Library at Oklahoma City University School of Law's online catalog. (For assistance using the catalog, consult the "Searching the Catalog" LibGuide or speak with a librarian.)

When you have located a book in the catalog, select the link "EBSCO eBooks: Click here for online access to this title." and you will then be taken to the EBSCO platform. From here you can view the book directly in your web browser or, in many instances, download the book to your computer or mobile device. If you are off-campus, you will be be prompted to enter your Oklahoma City University network username and password before being redirected to EBSCO.

Law students also have access to the EBSCO titles available through the Oklahoma City University Dulaney-Browne Library by searching Ebooks through Dulaney-Browne's website.

Downloading EBSCO E-books

To download an e-book, view this tutorial or:

1. Click the Download (Offline) link for the eBook you would like to download.

2. Select a Checkout period from the drop-down menu and click the Checkout & Download button.

The eBook is added to the Checkout area of the folder, accessible from the upper-right corner of the EBSCOhost interface.

3. Select to Open or Save the file from the resulting dialog box.

If you Open the file, your eBook is opened with Adobe® Digital Editions.

If you Save the file, the eBook is saved to your computer and can be opened with Adobe® Digital Editions at a later time.

4. When a downloaded eBook is opened, it is displayed in Adobe® Digital Editions.


For your mobile device:

Before transferring an eBook, you will need the following:

  1. A Portable eReader supported for EBSCO eBooks – a list of supported devices is available at:  

  2. Adobe Digital Editions installed on the computer  

  3. A Valid AdobeID – This may be created for free on following address:  

To transfer an eBook from Adobe Digital Editions to your portable device:

  1. Open your downloaded eBook in Adobe Digital Editions. If you have not authorized Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID on this computer, you will need to complete that step first. You will be prompted to enter your Adobe ID and Password the first time you try to open an EBSCO eBook with Digital Editions on your computer.

  2. Connect your portable device to your computer with a USB cable.

  3. Turn on the eReader. If the reader offers an option to Recharge or Connect to the computer, choose the “Connect” option.

  4. Open Adobe Digital Editions – it automatically detects the presence of your device and offers to authorize it with your Adobe ID.

    Just as the Adobe Digital Editions software must be authorized with your Adobe ID, the portable device must also be authorized to be able to transfer protected content to and from the device.

  5. Click Authorize Device in the resulting window.

  6. Click Finished after your device is authorized.

  7. After authorization, the device appears as a new bookshelf in your library. Transfer items to and from the device bookshelf by clicking on the book title, then dragging and dropping the title into the device bookshelf.

    Note: Do not disconnect the device while you are in the process of transferring a title to the device.

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